Make the Best Out of Your Home Office

More and more people (double-digit millions, in fact) are rolling right out of bed and going directly to work in their homes. For quite a while now, both high and low technology have been available to transmit documents, close sales, do research, transfer files, participate in conferences, play the stock market, move funds around, and review complex graphics without ever having to leave home. Today’s wage earners have a range of options. Some set up and manage their own businesses. Increasing numbers of employees maintain on-site office presence most of the week and telecommute from home one or two days.

Home offices offer comforts, conveniences, and economic efficiencies that mesh well with today’s work styles and lifestyles. Whether you’re totally on your own or still an employee whose enlightened company management understands that working from home is equally likely to result in a job well done, you’ll realize tremendous benefits from pursuing this work style.

–Courtesy of Working at Home: Making It Work for You by Meridith Gould (Storey Books, 2000).

Check out the March/April 2000 issue of Natural Home for more about home offices.

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