Water-Powered Car

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Using water to power car engines does not pollute the environment.

“Chicken Man” (England’s Harold Bate) is already marketing an alternative fuel kit which frees automobiles from the surly bonds of gasoline by unleashing the natural power found in humble chicken manure. On January 23, 1971, “Aqua Man” (Spanish inventor Eduard Estevel) unveiled his own version of an alternative fuel kit on European television, an engine powered . . . BY WATER.

No, not a steam engine, but a natural water-powered car unit fueled by plain, ordinary water. It works, according to the inventor, on a principle of breaking down the water to the basic elements; hydrogen as a combustion fuel and oxygen expelled through the exhaust pipe. OXYGEN EXPELLED THROUGH THE EXHAUST PIPE!!! Here is an invention, then, which not only does not pollute, but could actually dilute the fumes from other engines a little. Whoever heard of an engine IMPROVING the atmosphere!?

Furthermore, Eduard Estevel claims his clean engine gets 400 miles per gallon for the automobile mounted version, and says that as a car motor it could be mass-produced at a low cost.

Now, something has to be done before someone like General Motors or Standard Oil buys the whole thing up and kills it stone dead. The greatest of inventions all seem to follow that route according to popular rumor.

So this is an appeal for information; and even exploitation. If you know anyone in Spain, anyone going to Spain or anyone with the resources to do something about this; the message is: “LET US KNOW”.