Green Travel Options: Tell Us About Your Best and Worst Train and Bus Experiences

Reader Contribution by Staff
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If you’re looking for greener — or less expensive — travel options, you may find yourself taking fewer long-distance car or plane trips and traveling more by train or bus. (See note below for more about the best green travel choices.)

So if you opt for a long-distance train or bus trip, what can you expect? Here are the results of a recent reader poll:

Of the roughly 200 people who took the poll on our website, 125 said they had traveled by train or bus to reach a vacation destination. Of those, 100 reported that it was a good experience. The remaining 25 told us it was a horrible experience.

We’d like to hear more! Tell us about your long-distance trips by train and bus, including how those travel options compare to flying and driving. You can share your thoughts by posting a comment below.

More info on green travel: Some types of travel produce more carbon emissions than others, but calculating greenhouse gas emissions can get complicated. The greenest choice for your trip usually depends on how far you’re going and how many people you’re traveling with. The Union of Concerned Scientists has an interesting report analyzing these issues. Here’s their full report on Getting there Greener, and their cheat sheet of green travel options (PDF).


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