League Takes the Lead on Cycling Laws

Reader Contribution by League Of American Bicyclists
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This article is posted with permission fromLeague of American Bicyclists.

You know the rules of the road when you’re out riding. Maybe you even teach bike skills as a League Cycling Instructor. But do you know all the bicycling laws in your state?

Since August, we’ve reviewed more than 2,000 laws related to bicycling. From planning and taxation to funding and traffic, we dusted off and dug in to statutes and administrative codes in each and every state. By researching those primary sources and tapping into great resources compiled by bicycling organizations and agencies, we were able to pull together a comprehensive database of laws.

The first product of this research: State-specific highlights of traffic laws that affect bicyclists.

There are plenty of laws shared by all states; and plenty of laws that are intuitive for both bicyclists and other road users. Our highlights focus on eleven categories of laws that most states have, but differ in ways that can have important impacts on bicyclists and other road users.

These highlights are meant to help bicyclists go beyond knowing the rules of the road and understand the laws that are significant to bike advocacy efforts. While not comprehensive, they provide easy access to the laws of all 50 states and the District of Columbia and are supplemented by updated links to comprehensive state and local advocate legal resources.

Throughout our research we found incredible lawyers, legislators, and bike advocates working hard to make sure the law works for bicyclists. Now that we have a large data set regarding laws for bicyclists throughout the country, we will not only be a hub for best practices but work with you to get model, bike-friendly legislation passed in your state. By combining the passion and knowledge of the legal and bicycling community, we hope to not only ensure that you know your rights and responsibilities on the road — but that laws contribute to making biking better.

See how your state stacks up on League of American Bicyclists’ interactive map.

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