Teardrop Trailers Offer Space-Saving Comfort

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Little Guy's 4-wide platform trailer shows the classic teardrop-shaped profile of a teardrop camper.
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Galleys opening to the rear are a standard feature on teardrop trailers, such as this model built by Big Woody Campers.
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Teardrop campers can be pulled by smaller vehicles, resulting in significant fuel savings over the standard recreational vehicle.
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The sleeping cabin inside a Little Guy teardrop trailer is light and bright.
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Teardrop trailers take their name from the teardrop-shaped profile, visible on this aerodynamic model built by Silver Tears Campers.
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A rear hatch opens to reveal the exterior kitchen galley on a So-Cal Teardrops camper.
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Silver Tears' teardrop campers feature wood-paneled sleeping cabins.

Sleek, retro teardrop campers are back in style among environmentally-minded travelers who want to maintain a small carbon footprint — even while on vacation.

Also known as teardrop trailers, these campers were popular in the 1940s and 1950s but took a back seat when motor homes came into fashion. Teardrops have an aerodynamic, teardrop-shaped profile — hence the name. A teardrop trailer’s compact size makes it easy to control, and its low weight makes it inexpensive to tow. And teardrop campers are so well-suited to towing by medium-sized or small vehicles that some of the tiniest trailers can even be pulled by bicycles. The fuel savings are substantial, especially when teardrops are compared to gas-guzzling recreational vehicles.

Although petite in size, teardrop campers pack a lot of function into a compact space. Their efficient design typically places an interior sleeping cabin and an exterior kitchen galley into a 4-by-8-foot floor plan.

You can get onboard the teardrop camper revival by following these links to manufacturers’ websites, or by downloading teardrop trailer plans to build a camper yourself.


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