Solar Energy Organization Launches 2010 Educational Program

Reader Contribution by Staff

I urge all readers living in Missouri and surrounding states who are interested in renewable energy to check out Show Me Solar, a nonprofit co-founded by Jeffrey Owens.

Show Me Solar offers webinars, workshops, and tons of other valuable information on their website, including a list of Missouri solar installers. Show Me Solar also sponsors an annual tour of solar homes. And, as if that’s not enough, they’re helping organize hands-on PV installations and workshops through their Energy Raisers program. Show Me Solar is now accepting memberships. I urge all of you to join, even if you are not from Missouri or a surrounding state, to help this organization get started. You can sign up for their online webinars!

I have to be honest, this organization really impresses me. They’ve gone from 0 to 60 almost overnight and promise to be one of the leading advocates of solar energy and providers of training in the Midwest, perhaps the United States.

The Evergreen Institute is proud to be a partner of Show Me Solar and to help provide some of their training, webinars, speeches, etc. I’ll be presenting a webinar on Net Zero Energy Homes on the evening of March 2nd and will be presenting talks on the economics of solar electricity on April 6 in Columbia and April 13 in St. Louis.