Watch ‘Pump,’ a Documentary on Alternative Fuels and More

Imagine your local filling station, transformed: Instead of a few pumps supplying only gasoline, there are hoses for methanol, ethanol, gasoline and CNG (compressed natural gas) — and even a fast-charge station for electric vehicles. This is the vision fueled by Pump, a documentary film that highlights U.S. consumers’ lack of choices at the filling station. Pump takes viewers on a road trip through history, from monopolists’ schemes to derail public transportation and limit fuel options, to present-day kits and software updates for converting standard automobiles into flex-fuel cars.

Pump delivers the goods through interviews with industry analysts, entrepreneurs and engineers working to overcome our oil addiction. The movie drives home that, beyond feeding consumers’ demands for more options, offering a range of alternative fuels at the pump can help steer us toward energy independence. Pump is available to watch on several platforms; discover more at the film’s website.

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