Norway Sees Drastic Increase in Hybrid Vehicle Registrations

Reader Contribution by Cleantechnica
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In 2017, Norway saw a major increase in the number of hybrid and plug-in vehicles that were being registered. New data from the independent Norwegian Road Federation (OFV) has revealed that over half of the new vehicles registered in the country in 2017 were for plug-in electric cars or hybrids, surpassing fossil fuel-run cars for the first time anywhere in the world. Although this is great progress, Norway’s goal is for the country to have only 100 percent electric cars sold in the country by the year 2025.

No other country is this close to possibly eliminating fossil fuel vehicles on the road. Even though hybrids still partially use fossil fuels – they just use the fuel more efficiently – the market is still beginning to tip in favor of ecofriendly vehicles.

The Norwegian EV Association has tracked this progress of the growth of electric vehicles (EVs) actively on the roads, and have provided the statistics and facts below:

• There are now more than 140,000 fully electric cars on Norwegian roads; when plug-in hybrids are added, the number of electric cars surpasses 200,000.

• The two most popular cars in Norway in 2017 were fully electric cars, according to the Association’s examination of the 20 most popular passenger cars in Norway.

• In total, 6 of the top 20 cars were fully electric, 4 were plug-in hybrids, and only 6 of the 20 are not available as a plug-in or hybrid.

A reason for this spike in electric vehicles registrations could be explained by the country’s incentives for citizens to turn away from fossil fuel cars. Norway offers numerous tax exemptions and free parking and highway tolls among other benefits for electric car drivers. Norway also a smaller population than its neighbors, making it a bit easier and manageable to switch the entire country over to electric transportation.

Norway has worked hard and pushed the make the country an ecofriendly society, and hopes that soon, more countries will be able to follow their example and progress.

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