Motorcycle vs. Car: Which is Best for Commuting?

Reader Contribution by Rebecca Martin
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As gas prices go up, more motorcycles appear on the roads. There’s a strong belief among commuters that bikes are cheaper to own and operate. But which machine is really the winner in the battle of motorcycle vs. car?

If you’re thinking about buying a bike to save money on your commute, Spot Motorcycles counsels you to take a good, hard look before you leap. The motorcycle blog compares potential savings to costs in its online article, Save Money Commuting by Motorcycle? Not So Fast!. Besides the initial cash outlay required for purchasing a commuter motorcycle, there are other expenses to consider. For new riders, these may include gear, safety courses and maintenance. Keeping a car for backup during bad weather means making insurance payments on two vehicles. The costs can add up quickly.

You can reduce expenses by acquiring a used machine and handling your own repairs but, surprisingly, gas savings aren’t so straightforward. The length of your commute and current cost-per-gallon of fuel are factors to consider when weighing the benefits of motorcycle commuting, and the arithmetic can get complicated. Spot’s article features an easy-to-use calculator to settle whether your circumstances merit a bike, at least in terms of expense. If you want a bike for the sheer fun of it, well, the calculator can’t compute thrills.

Check out the motorcycle vs. car calculator at the Spot Motorcycles blog.

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