Men in Black

Reader Contribution by Chip Beam

What a long strange summer.  I have had many set backs with computers and trying to get this information out to the public.  I have had a hard drive loose all my files and content.  I have had an external hard drive come up missing with the rest of my files.  There have been other things that have happened that are very strange and have made it hard to get any information about my project out.  I am now working under ground in a secure location and will be able to get my findings and progress out.  The gasification car is running very well and I believe it is because it can run on any material besides wood blocks that makes it very important step in the evolution.  I have changed my address and phone number and left no return address.  I will continue to post here in the future and explain in detail the process that will advance gasification for the average man.  Wish me luck.

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