2012 Green Car Buyer’s Guide, Coda

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2012 Green Car Buyer’s Guide, Coda

2012 model year highlight from Coda.


Compiled by Megan E. Phelps, John Rockhold,
Hannah Kincaid, Emily Glover,
Bradley Berman and Zach McDonald

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Electric, Compact

Base Price: $38,100?
City/Hwy/Combined MPGe: 77/68/73
Annual Fuel Cost: $850
Air Pollution Score: 10
Greenhouse Gas Score: 10
ACEEE Green Score and Class Ranking: N/A
Safety Ratings: N/A
Space: 82 cu. ft. p.v./seats 5
Drive Score: 2.5
Similar Used: New for 2012

Good to Know:

  • Price for the Coda sedan was originally announced at $44,000, but the company dropped the price for the 2012 base-level model — with a 31-kwh battery — to $37,250.
  • The EPA-rated driving range is 88 miles on a single full charge.
  • The Coda’s 6.6-kilowatt charger is faster than the Nissan Leaf’s — adding closer to 20 miles of driving per hour of charging rather than 10 to 12 hours.
  • The Coda sedan is assembled using existing gas-powered four-door cars manufactured in China. Coda integrates vehicle components and systems from 30 global suppliers.
  • When the 36-kwh battery option becomes available, Coda will push the range to 120-plus miles.
  • For now, the Coda is only available in California. Expect low production numbers for the first year or two.
  • Calling its design boring is a dramatic understatement.
  • Coda is the underdog of the electric vehicle movement. The company has been given no federal grants and faces an uphill battle to prove its quality and become a business success.

What the Press Says:

  • “While its range is impressive and its ride isn’t bad, the sticker price is liable to shock you even while its exterior styling puts you to sleep.” — Popular Mechanics
  • “The Coda is most notable for its range and quick charging. … Its ride and finish are at least on par with better-known independent EV manufacturers, including Tesla Motors.” — Los Angeles Times

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Photo from Coda