Fully Recyclable Windshield Wiper Now Available

Reader Contribution by Sean Rosner

Environmentally conscious people are often sticklers about recycling. You may diligently collect your household’s soda cans and cardboard boxes and haul them off to the area recycling center. But in trying to reduce the amount of waste you create by as much as possible, it’s sometimes necessary to look elsewhere for things that end up in a landfill because of you.

Think about the windshield wipers on your car, for instance. Experts suggest that people change their wiper blades about twice a year. When you consider the hundreds of millions of vehicles in the United States alone, this small car part can account for an enormous amount of waste in U.S. landfills.

One way to avoid this is to buy recyclable windshield wipers. Jamak makes a completely recyclable windshield wiper that’s also made with a silicon wiper blade that isn’t petroleum based like most wiper blades are. So not only are you keeping rubber out of the landfill, your car’s wiper blades are not made of oil.

Jamak runs its own recycling program for the used blades, through which it grinds up the silicon and uses it to make new auto parts.

A few of us at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS office have had the opportunity to test these wipers out, and through numerous Kansas thunderstorms (which can get pretty crazy), the Jamak blades have held their own. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option for your vehicle, these are definitely a suitable option.

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