Act Today — Save National Bike Programs

Reader Contribution by Winona Bateman

It is hard to believe but after more than 20 years of successful federal investment in biking and walking facilities, Congressional leaders are poised to eliminate dedicated funding for biking and walking.

If you care about active transportation and recreation, please take 10 minutes today to email your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative and tell them to contact the leaders of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (Senators James Inhofe and Barbara Boxer) and the House Committee on Transportation (Congressman John Mica) and urge them to keep dedicated and cost-effective funding for biking and walking.

It really is that serious. Without federal investment, we will witness a major retreat from the national effort to provide safe, accessible facilities for cyclists and pedestrians. We will lose countless opportunities to build simple, cost-effective transportation solutions for commuting, recreation, and travel.

We have heard from some folks that federal investment in cycling should not be considered sacred, given America’s fiscal situation. We agree! We just believe cycling investments should be considered for proportional cuts, along with other vital transportation programs, and not be eliminated entirely.

Frankly, it is disappointing to hear leaders like Senator Inhofe call cycling investments “frivolous.” These investments help generate more than 4 billion bicycle trips a year. They generate more jobs per million-dollars-invested than classic highway projects.

To help keep the American cycling revival moving forward, we need your help today. Please click on this link to send a ready-made e-mail to your Senators and Representative NOW.

This same alert is going out to hundreds of thousands of cycling friends through our national coalition at America Bikes.

Do your part, take 5 minutes, and support cycling in America! Thanks for your help. 

Today’s post is from JIM SAYER, executive director of Adventure Cycling Association.

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