Editors’ Choice: Yankee Ingenuity

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Tony and Sally's antique Colonial furniture contasts with sleek 21st-century steel beams.
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Shaker-style cabinets of FSC-certified wood hold quilting supplies.
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This alternative energy home sits on 18 acres off the Maine coast.

Though it looks like a typical New England farmhouse, Tony and Sally Grassi’s coastal Maine home is actually a showpiece for cutting-edge green technology. Run entirely by renewable energy and built to be nontoxic and eco-friendly, this gorgeous home used local materials to keep within the budget of a conventional home.

“We learned you have to be a bulldog and not give up easily. We made trade-offs, but we were pleased to hear that a lot of our subcontractors now incorporate green materials into all their work.” –homeowner Sally Grassi

Three things we love about this house:
1. Using a combination of a geothermal system, photovoltaic panels and passive solar design, this home is run entirely on renewable energy.
2. The only place PVC exists in the home is in the electrical wiring (for which there is no non-PVC alternative).
3. All wood in the home is Forest Stewardship Council-certified and formaldehyde-free.

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