Try This: All the DIY Projects You Need for Your Natural Home

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Photo By Susan Wasinger
Learn how to make these beautiful glasses. Visit for instructions.

Turn your household garbage and clutter into useful, beautiful home decor. Here’s how.

Try This: Felted Bird 

Make these cute, creative felted bird ornaments for your Christmas tree.

Try This: Mini Cardboard Christmas Tree 

Want something different for a smaller room in your home? Create this cardboard Christmas tree!

Try This: Newspaper Christmas Tree 

Recycle your newspapers into a fun Christmas tree.

Try This: Key Spot

An old cigar box makes a playful place to safeguard and organize your keys. Look for ones made of paper-covered solid wood. 

Try This: Branching Out

This curtain celebrates wood grain, one of nature’s loveliest graphic designs.

Try This: Bowled Over

Subtle yet striking patterns give these simple-to-make bowls sophisticated personality and style.

Try This: All Wrapped Up

Inexpensive glasses are transformed into vases with a simple wrap of handmade paper made using everything from cucumbers to kohlrabi.

Try This: Plastic Cup Redux

This lamp looks stunning as a half-dome, but the audacious crafter with cups to spare could easily turn it into a sphere by adding to the simple pattern, one cup at a time.

Try This: Recycled Goods Gone Chic

To get this antiqued leather effect for your walls, paste torn pieces of crumpled grocery bags onto primed wallboard with a mixture of Elmer’s glue and water.

Try This: DIY Projects

These fun recycled birdhouses—full of character and shabby chic—are ­aesthetically pleasing ­shelters for nesting birds.

Try This: Holiday Fun

No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs, there’s usually room for well wishes and good intentions. Instead of dragging out the watt-hungry Christmas lights this holiday season, light up a doorway with a little positive energy.

Try This: Winter Projects 

What to do with that beautiful lambswool sweater with the moth hole in the sleeve? Or the cashmere cardigan that your teenager shrunk to infant size? Turn it into a soft, warm, snuggly woolen throw you can wrap yourself in on cold winter nights.

Try This: Creative Kitchen

Changing the cabinets has a dramatic effect on the look of a kitchen. But new cabinets are expensive and often made of questionable materials—glues and preservatives and plastics that can impact the environment and your health. They’re resource-intensive, too—forests of hardwoods fall each year to keep up with the American appetite for the new and different.

Try This: Dyeing Eggs, Naturally 

Eggs take on a soft, golden hue with this homemade recipe that uses fresh, spring dandelions.