Using Toilet Paper to Save the World

Reader Contribution by Who Gives A Crap
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Who Gives a Crap, a toilet paper company dedicated to helping the environment, has created a clever infographic to help audiences understand the real-world impact of using too much toilet paper. The team behind Who Gives a Crap presents some facts – and not so fun facts – to shed a little light on the toilet paper statistic of America.

The recycled toilet paper company began when the pun-loving three co-founders discovered the not-so-funny reality that roughly 2.3 billion people across the world have no access to a toilet. This means that about 40 percent of the global population struggles over something as seemingly basic as going to the bathroom, causing around 289,000 children under five die every year from diarrhea diseases cause by poor sanitation.

So what has such a punny toilet paper company done to help this problem? More than you would think. Who Gives a Crap contributes half of their profits to sanitation projects, which includes building toilets for those without access, with help from WaterAid. Since their beginnings in 2013, this company has donated over 1,100,000 Australian dollars to charities and to the production of more toilets. They have also become a B Corporation, all of which promise to use their business platforms to address social and environmental issues.

Another huge problem that this toilet paper business noticed is the extreme overuse of toilet paper across the world, causing more and more trees to die for the toilet paper cause. This is why Who Gives a Crap use recycled paper products to make their toilet paper, that way, no more trees need to die, and consumers still have access to a high-quality toilet paper product.

The company team wants to make a greater difference by attacking the problem of overusing and wasting toilet paper at its largest source: America.

With the following infographic, Who Gives a Crap points out the different averages of toilet paper use around the world, and the environmental effects of producing and using such an excess amount of toilet paper each year. The infographic also highlights an under-discussed epidemic round the lacks of toilets worldwide.

Who Gives a Crap has worked hard to bring more toilets and better toilet paper to the world, and to create more awareness about the serious problems hidden behind the endless stream of toilet jokes.

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