The Greenest Colleges in America and Canada

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Photo courtsey the Sustainable Endowments Institute

Colleges such as Harvard UniversityBrown University and University of Pennsylvania all received top marks and were on the list for top sustainable leaders.

The Sustainable Endowments Institute graded 290 private and public colleges on their eco-friendly attributes. The study evaluated colleges with the largest endowments in the U.S and Canada. The Institute also decided to focus on main campuses for grading purposes and considered satellite campuses as separate entities.

Check out how data was collectedhow colleges were graded, and even your prospective, current or former college.

The study is also a tool for high school students who are interested in more sustainable schools and in the process of selecting which college they want to attend. The study also provides ways for students, faculty, administration and alumni to get involved in making their college a more environmentally friendly.

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