Submit Your Housing Eco-Development

Natural Home is assembling a list of innovative housing eco-developments in the United States and Canada. Please let us know if where you live is an especially healthy, place. The top 10 eco-developments will be named in the May/June 2009 issue.

Many newly developed subdivisions or condos/apartment complexes were created with the needs of people and the environment in mind. Some of the attributes of an eco-development include:

use of alternative energy

establishment of a unified community feel

eco-friendly building materials

local businesses, shopping, schools are located within a short walk

public transportation available

revitalized areas that previously had been slums or warehouse districts

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, January 21. Please send all submissions to snelson (at) or omullins (at) Please include the name of the neighborhood/development, your city and state and a resource (such as a website) where we can go to learn more.

Natural Home editors 

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