Solar Panel Homes in Colorado

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New homes could have solar power options if the bill is passed

A new bill in Colorado is causing a green buzz among homeowners. This new bill, if voted into law, would require homebuilders to offer a variety of solar panel options for future homes. The options range from pre-wired to installed solar panels. The bill is part of Governor Bill Ritter’s Greening Government project.

The bill has passed in the House of Representatives, and the Senate is currently discussing and analyzing the details. The proposal would prepare Colorado homes and residents for a statewide renewable energy sources, offer more green jobs and raise energy-efficient practices. In addition to this, it would grant homeowners that otherwise wouldn’t invest in a renewable energy access to green energy.

Greening Government was signed in April 2007 by Governor Ritter to make Colorado a leader in the green building movement. The projects includes reducing consumption in four areas by June 30, 2012; reducing in state vehicle petroleum use by 25 percent; reducing paper and energy consumption by 20 percent; and cutting back on water use by 10 percent.

The governor has also installed solar panels on the governor’s mansion and on the State Capital Building in December 2008.  

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