Recycled Cans Wreath Craft

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Photo By Mother Earth Living staff
This recycled cans wreath craft is a perfect project for the holiday season.

Try making this green-themed recycled cans wreath craft for the holiday season.

Recycled Cans Wreath Craft

It makes sense to smash soda cans to save space in the recycling bin. But it makes even more sense to keep them out of the waste stream entirely. Make them into a festive, hip wreath that heralds your seasonless environmental correctness.

To Make a Recycled Cans Wreath:

1. About twenty smashed cans in seasonal colors should do it. Poke a hole through the center of each can with a nail or drill. Using an old clothes hanger or a length of bailing wire for your circle, string the cans, leaving enough wire to twist the ends together and create a loop for hanging.

2. On this wreath, a piece of scrap aluminum from a heating duct became a shining silver “bow.” We cut a can with a pair of pinking shears and stapled the strips together to make “ribbon” that further garnishes the top.

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