Radon Testing and Dogs that Sing the Blues

Reader Contribution by Staff

I’ve been looking for a house recently, and learning all kinds of new things in the process. Lately, I’ve been learning about the home inspection process, and discovering that beyond the basic local requirements, there are some optional tests you can do, including testing for radon. The more I learn, the more I think that testing your home for radon is a good idea for just about everyone.

Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas. It’s found in low levels in many homes, but some homes have higher concentrations, which are linked to an increased risk of lung cancer. You can test for radon with a DIY kit, or have your home professionally tested.

If your home does have elevated levels of radon, it’s relatively easy to find and fix the problem. And since that’s the case, why not go ahead and find out if your home has high radon levels? For anyone trying to create a greener, healthier home, improving your indoor air quality is a great place to start, and testing for radon is a simple step toward that goal.

For more information, check out the EPA’s very helpful website on indoor air quality, which includes a Citizen’s Guide to Radon. The EPA also had a video contest last year to educate people about radon testing. Here’s the full list of radon video entries. (See below for my personal favorite. These are dogs with a message.)

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