Product of the Week: Numi Organic Bottled Tea

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Photo Courtesy Numi Tea
Numi's new line of bottled teas come in six delicious flavors.

With the introduction of Numi Organic Tea’s first line of bottled iced teas, Numi made its teas more convenient while still keeping its high standards of ingredients and flavor.

The bottled teas include five organic Puerh blends and one organic caffeine-free Rooibos blend. Puerh is an ancient tea that undergoes a unique fermentation process, which results in higher levels of antioxidants than green tea.

Numi offers the bottled teas in six tasty flavors: Earl Grey, Magnolia Jasmine, Peach Nectar, Mango Passion, Moroccan Mint and the caffeine-free Honey Lemon.

As with all of its teas, Numi makes the bottled teas with real ingredients, not powders, chemicals or flavorings, and the teas are USDA certified-organic. Numi Organic Bottled Teas are packaged in glass bottles.

Single bottles cost $2.50, or $15 for a 6-pack and $29 for a 12-pack.

Numi Organic Bottled Teas are available at Whole Foods or Winn-Dixie in select regions. Purchase Numi tea online or call (866) 972-6879 to order by phone.

More about organic teas

• Numi also offers a range of flavors in its tea bags and loose leaf teas.

• Brew your own iced tea following these simple steps.

• For another organic iced tea option, try Rishi Tea’s Organic Iced Teas.

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