MotionTouch Invents Solar-Powered iPhone Charger

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Photo Courtesy Powcell
This sleek solar charger for the iPhone generates energy in natural and artificial sunlight.

MotionTouch has shed light on a new way to charge an iPhone: the Powcell. 

The Powcell’s sleek design (which U.K.-based MotionTouch says weighs 69 grams, or just under 2.5 ounces) complements the iPhone’s stylish exterior. The plastic gray and white one-sided shell fits snugly around the back of the iPhone, but it does not interfere with the iPhone’s camera, microphone or speakers. It even acts as a scratch guard.  

The large solar panel on the device captures sunlight efficiently and can receive energy from artificial light sources as well. The Powcell takes about four hours to fully charge, depending on the strength of the light source. Powcell warns against placing the device in direct sunlight, however, because this could severely limit Powcell’s battery life. The panel keeps charging its internal battery when disconnected from the phone, so if your phone’s battery runs down mid-chat, you have a backup for two hours. 

Right now, Powcell can only be used with an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S. However, MotionTouch has signed with Blackberry to develop a similar product for their phones and is in also the process of creating a more universal device. 

“The unique design shines a light on the future of eco-friendly portable charging solutions,” said Chris Simmons, sales director of Powcell. “We are already planning to integrate this technology into future mobile devices, which will be seen in the very near future.” 

Powcell is dedicated to its environmental mission. Powcell uses recycled materials in its promotional literature and product packaging.  Powcell plans to become a carbon neutral company in the near future.

Powcell is available in the United Kingdom now and is expected to hit stores in the United States in the next months. It will cost about $90. 

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