New Online Green Remodeling Resource

Just in time for Earth Day, GreenovationTV, a new online green remodeling channel, launches on April 22. The channel focuses on eco-friendly home improvements, energy-saving tips and other healthy home solutions.

Founders Matt and Kelly Grocoff decided to launch the channel to provide free, easy-to-access information on how to create healthy, eco-friendly homes while helping the planet and reducing carbon emissions.

The Grocoffs’ 107-year-old home underwent a major greenovation in 2006. Frustrated with the lack of a “one stop shop” resource on the Internet, the couple ambitiously set out to create an online community that helps, informs and supports people who want to green their home.

GreenovationTV features videos by the couple and by the viewers, valuable information and green-it-yourself projects. The Grocoffs believe that these resources will assist people with everything they should know throughout each stage of remodeling.

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