Reduce Your Contribution to Climate Change

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The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has released Household Solutions, the first brief in a series of guides titled Cool Citizens: Everyday Solutions to Climate Change, geared toward helping homeowners reduce their contribution to climate change. “Certainly, information on this subject already exists,” says RMI’s Rick Heede, “but it is typically hard for most users to find, and little useful advice is offered regarding reasonable priorities to pursue.”

The Cool Citizens series makes specific, realistic, and prioritized recommendations, focusing on choices and changes in the home, at work, in transportation, in recreation, and in purchasing everything from air conditioners and airline trips to windows and wine. Decisions that citizens make in this arena are critical, because nearly half of the total U.S. carbon dioxide emissions are from homes and personal vehicles, and the other half are embodied in products and services that homeowners consume.

By following the guide’s twenty-five most cost-effective, energy-saving measures and eight no-cost measures, homeowners can cut their energy bills by 57 percent and eliminate more than 14,940 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. Household Solutions’ climate-neutral plan helps homeowners bring their net CO2 emissions to zero.

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