Celebrate World Fair Trade Day

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This Sri Lanka tea picker will receive a fair market value for her work.
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When you see this label, you know the product is certified by TransFair USA.

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day, May 8, by sipping a cup of fair trade, shade-grown, organic coffee; snacking on a fair trade banana; or decorating with fair trade handcrafts from around the world. When you buy a certified fair trade product, you promote worker justice and environmental sustainability. Fair trade certification guarantees that farmers and artisans receive fair prices for their products, money that helps communities combat drug crop cultivation and create medical facilities, schools, and clean water.

“Fair Trade guarantees farmers $1.26 per pound of coffee– enough to feed their families and send their kids to school instead of into the fields.” —Martin Sheen, actor, activist, coffee drinker

Additionally, most fair trade coffee, tea, and chocolate are certified organic and shade grown. Here’s what you can do:

• Look for the label. Buy certified fair trade products. If a store or coffee shop doesn’t offer fair trade, talk to the manager or leave a comment card.

• Spread the word. Encourage your workplace, campus, or place of worship to use certified fair trade products.

• Write a letter. Whenever you see news about world trade issues, write to the editor about fair trade as a powerful alternative.

Where to buy Fair Trade:

Fair Trade Federation

• Global Exchange

• SERRV International

• Ten Thousand Villages

• TransFair USA