Ice Princess: How to Make a Frozen Centerpiece

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Photo by Povy Kendal Atchison
To finish the centerpiece: Set ice bowl into a glass compote bowl brimming with ice to help it last. Fill the bowl with flowers, balls of ice cream or anything you like.

You will need:

1 large bowl (approximately 10 to 12 inches across)
1 small bowl (approximately 6 to 8 inches across)
About two handfuls fresh, edible flowers (violets or pansies)
Pint of ice cream (to use as weight)
Plate (to use as weight)
2 kitchen towels

To make ice bowl:

1. Fill large bowl with about 2 inches of water.
2. Place small bowl in center.
3. Set pint of ice cream in center of bowl to help weigh it down.
4. The water level in the large bowl should be about an inch from its top edge. If not, add water to meet this level.
5. Sprinkle fresh edible flowers into water.
6. Make sure the small bowl is floating directly in the center of the large bowl, then cover with a salad or dinner plate larger in diameter than the larger bowl (keep an inch or two of water between the bottom of the bowls). Place the ice cream pint on the plate.
7. Set carefully in freezer. Freeze overnight.

To remove ice bowl:

1. Remove from freezer.
2. Remove cover plate and ice cream pint.
3. Turn bowls upside down on a fluffy towel on kitchen counter (they will be frozen together).
4. Wet another kitchen towel with hot water and repeatedly wipe the back side of the large bowl in a circular motion. You should hear cracking noises, and the large bowl should release the ice ring.
5. To remove the small bowl, place the hot wet towel inside the small bowl using the same circular motion. If it sticks, pour a little warm water into the small bowl to help release it. Using a fork along the edge can help as well.