Spring Loaded: How To Make A Wheatgrass Centerpiece

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Photo By Povy Kendal Atchison
We found organic white chocolate rabbits to stand guard.

To create the wheatgrass bowl centerpiece, you’ll need:

• ½ flat of fresh wheatgrass (available at juice bars or natural foods stores)
• Old serving bowl or soup tureen
• Handful of fresh flowers (cut to about 3 inches long)
• 2 yards pastel ribbon
• Dirt (to fill bottom of bowl)
• Organic chocolate candy such as chocolate rabbits (for decoration)
• 1 dozen fresh quail eggs (available at most Asian markets), naturally dyed

1. Fill one-third of dish with dirt.

2. Measure the bottom of your bowl and cut a chunk of wheatgrass to fit.

3. Gently press wheatgrass into place so surface is covered and wheatgrass stands about 3 inches above top edge, creating a nest. (If grass sits too low, add
more dirt to the bottom.)

4. Place flowers in the middle of an 18-inch ribbon. Tie stems together. Wrap ribbon in opposite directions around center of bundle, covering the knot. Tie ends into a bow.

5. Measure out enough ribbon to circle the bowl’s upper edge, leaving 12 inches to tie bouquet to bowl. Wrap ribbon around top edge of the bowl and secure with a knot.

6. Tie flower bouquet onto bowl.

7. Arrange dyed eggs in wheatgrass or around base of bowl. Arrange candy around bowl.

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