How to Install a Chimney Chase Cover (with Video)

Reader Contribution by Jaquelin White and Rockford Chimney Supply
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Above: Before chimney chase cover installation

Above: After chimney chase cover installation

Installing a chimney chase cover is a common project among do-it-yourself homeowners. Many homes were built with galvanized chase covers which rust after a few years – causing leaks and rust stains. Homes that were built with a masonry chimney eventually end up with a cracked and weathered mortar crown, also causing leaks and damage to the home.

Below, we will explain in full detail how to install a chimney chase cover. After reading, you will see how simple the installation is and know the basics for how to install your own.

1. First, remove the rain cap that is attached to either the chimney pipe or the chase cover. Typically, rain caps are installed with screws or a twist lock system. After the chimney cap is removed, the next step is to remove the screws or nails that are holding the rusty chase cover onto the chase. With the nails removed, gently lift the chase cover off.

2. Using a high temperature caulk, apply a bead around the top edge of the chimney chase. This will give the new chimney chase cover added protection.

3. Pre-tap holes in all four sides of the new chase cover. This will make it easier to screw into the chimney chase. If you prefer, you can do this step while you’re on the ground before you bring the chase cover onto the roof.

4. Next, place the new stainless steel chimney cover onto the chase. Push all sides down firmly so that the cover makes contact with the caulk. After the cover is in place, put screws in all four sides to secure the cover to the chimney.

5. Add the rain cap, and you’ve successfully installed a stainless steel chase cover that will never rust!

We’ve included a before photo of a rusted chase cover that needs replacing and an after photo of a stainless steel chase cover that will never rust. Watch our DIY chase cover installation video as well to supplement this step by step info.

Photos and video by Rockford Chimney Supply

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