How Much Space Do I Need? Five Tips for Green Remodeling

1. Are there any rooms or spaces you’d like to have but don’t have room for? Some commonly requested rooms and spaces are:

• family room
• porch
• sunroom
• place of your own
• laundry room
• mudroom/pet room
• pantry
• home office
• mail-sorting place
• master bedroom place
• hobby/craft room
• storage room
• bathroom–accessible, full or powder

2. Will the inclusion of the spaces you want require an addition, or are there underutilized spaces within the existing footprint that can be repurposed?

3. Which of the spaces listed are “must-haves” and which are in the “I can live without it” category?

4. Are there any existing rooms or spaces that you would like to update or improve?

5. What characteristics would you like to include to tie the interior spaces together aesthetically? Perhaps continuous trim, a series of newly introduced framed openings or a unified color scheme?