Hotel Chains See Green

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Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Clark
Coreless Toilet Paper, one of the environmentally friendly features at Andaz.

Eco-friendly lodging will be easier now that Marriott International has taken steps to green its family of hotels. In addition to using 50 percent recycled-material key cards, the company will be replacing its synthetic pillows with ones filled with recycled PET bottle fibers; its bathrooms will be stocked with coreless, recycled toilet paper rolls, and in general the hotel will use recycled paper for its stationery, check folders and other paper products.

Marriott, which owns more than 3,000 lodging properties in the U.S. and around the world,  is also planning to install solar power in 40 of its hotels by 2017.

Other hotel chains are also becoming greener. Most hotels now give guests the option of having their bathroom and bedroom linens changed less often; others are turning to energy-efficient lighting. The Hyatt Hotel family now includes Andaz, an environmentally friendlier hotel brand that offers organic food and environmental design, among other features.

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