Greening the EcoManor: Opulent and Eco-Friendly

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Atlanta’s EcoManor is proof that a green home can be opulent. Laura and Rutherford Seydel–she’s Ted Turner’s daughter, he’s the owner of the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers–melded their environmental commitment with high design standards to create this Georgia peach.

The couple hopes their LEED-certified-green, 6,200-square-foot Tudor home–with five bedrooms and seven baths–will serve as a template for natural luxury. The home is equipped to save resources–from solar panels to a “smart-system” control switchboard with economy settings. For information and eco-living tips, visit


• The house creates its own energy using 26 photovoltaic solar panels and passive solar design.
• Ground-source heat pumps efficiently heat and cool the upscale house.
• Rainwater collects in a cistern that supplies the toilet water.
• Drought-tolerant plants require less water and maintenance. Filtered graywater collected from sinks and showers provides water for the home’s landscape.


• Natural-fiber fabrics on furniture and rugs keep the air healthy.
• South-facing windows capture the winter sun’s warming rays to heat the house naturally.
• Soy-based foam and cellulose insulation fills the walls. EcoManor uses low-VOC paints, which don’t outgas toxic chemicals.
• Avalon Plantation, a certified eco-friendly grower, supplied the wood for white-oak floors.


• Energy Star appliances use less electricity.
• Tankless water heaters provide instant hot water and save energy.
• Automated faucets lower water consumption.
• Cabinets and doors crafted from compressed hay and wheat straw conserve trees.
• Energy-saving compact fluorescent lights connect to a dimmer switch.