Green Grows in Brooklyn: Part III

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This artist’s rendering depicts how the building will look when it's complete.

As the construction crew works on the building’s shell, the Natural Home Show House team has been busy selecting finishes for the house. Developers Rolf Grimsted and Emily Fisher are poring over samples of salvaged wood flooring, a particularly good choice to lay down over Warmboard radiant heating because the older wood already has done all of its contracting and expanding.

The first-ever Natural Home Show House–a remodel of a 1920s Brooklyn brownstone once slated for demolition–will be open to the public in October. The house is slated to be New York’s first American Lung Association Health House and will feature solar electric, solar hot water and a host of healthy, green finishes. To learn more, go to

Check out some of these products that will be on display in the show house:

American Clay plasters, made from natural clays, recycled and reclaimed aggregates, and natural pigments, are a great alternative to paint.

Intricately grained Kirei Board, made from post-harvest stalks of sorghum plants, is perfect for crafting gorgeous cabinetry, flooring, wall coverings and furniture. Kirei creates the look and feel of wood without trees.

Manufactured next door in a daylit Brooklyn factory, Icestone recycled-glass-and-concrete surfacing material is a natural for the show house. It will be used for the kitchen countertops.

Warmboard’s radiant heating system will turn the show home’s floors into a source of even, responsive, energy-efficient heat for the house.

Green Seal-certified American Pride paints are usually solvent free (zero VOC) and never contain chemicals that are suspected carcinogens.