Green Grocer

Environmental choices at Albertson’s supermarkets go beyond paper or plastic. One of the United States’ largest grocery chains, Albertson’s takes a proactive stance on conserving natural resources–because it makes good business sense. In keeping with its environmental motto, “Waste is anything that is not an asset and nothing but a lack of imagination,” Albertson’s has devised innovative ways to save money. To reduce packaging, it developed a recyclable produce container for shipping, and it recycles cardboard, plastics, wooden pallets, bakery buckets, cooking oil, meat and bone scraps, single-use cameras, and printer cartridges. In addition, stores have installed power-saving display cases and sales floor lighting. The chain even donates tree seedlings to neighborhood schools in celebration of new store openings. In recognition of Albertson’s efforts, a number of states, including California, Utah, Washington, and Pennsylvania, gave the company environmental awards during 2002.

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