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Sustainable product swaps to protect your family and lessen your environmental footprint.

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reusableUse the best eco friendly cleaning products to reduce your environmental footprint. Our E Cloth reviews will help you decide which products are best for you!

Having a clean home for my family brings peace of mind. When our surroundings are tidy and free of messes I feel more calm and in control. My focus improves with fewer chores and I can be more present for enjoyable activities. Sanitary surfaces keep my family protected from food borne illnesses and means our home won’t attract insects or pests.

Unfortunately, commercially produced cleaning products often contain harmful chemicals such as phosphate, lye, pesticide, ammonia, isopropanol, and other toxic ingredients. Painful symptoms can result from exposure. Respiratory problems, allergic reactions, chemical skin burns, and headaches are known issues, as well as the unknown long-term effects in both humans and pets. And of course, we all know that certain cleaning products can result in death if swallowed. We do our best to protect young children with scary labels, awareness, and child-locked cupboards, but none of these precautions are fail-safe.

While keeping these products safe from tiny hands is a great practice, simply using them in your home creates a level of exposure you may not be aware of. The smell and residue of cleaners can trigger asthma or eczema issues in certain people. I am uncomfortable with risking our skin and lungs or compromising our health and safety with harmful chemicals.

Then there are environmental downsides. Cleaning products are washed down the drain, into streams and rivers, where they linger and enter the food chain. Compounds in cleaning products add to smog outside the home and affect indoor air quality. In addition, many containers are not made from recyclable material. They end up in landfills where they leach into the soil and rinsed into waterways.

Single use disposable paper towels are a  luxury that take a toll on the environment. Paper towel waste is often non-recyclable and adds to landfill pollution in addition to depleting forests globally.

I look for products that require less energy to produce, are low in toxicity, are reusable, and come in minimal/recyclable packaging. Our home’s atmosphere is healthier and we eliminate many items that end up in landfills and waterways. With a few small, simple changes, we can all make a large, lasting impact on the planet.

E Cloth Reviews

E-cloth eco-friendly products are created with your families’ well-being in mind and serve the best interests of a healthier environment. These items use water alone to clean with sparkling results. The company commits great value to chemical-free cleaning, and most items are guaranteed for 100-plus washes and reuses. Their product line offers a smarter way to clean with non-existent toxic exposure that will help you sleep at night. All of this makes them one of the best eco friendly cleaning products on the market.

Here’s a few sustainable must-haves I love for my home.

1 Home Cleaning 8-pack

stack of folded cloth of different materials for different kinds of cleaning

This 8-pack bundle provides a variety of E-Cloth microfiber cleaning and polishing cloths. They can be used on worktops, devices, windows, bathrooms, kitchens, appliances, and more. Each towel removes grease, dirt, and over 99% of bacteria with just the use of water. Swapping them out means saving you money and lessening timber harvesting. Since these eco-savvy products don’t require added chemical cleaners, you eliminate potentially harmful residue from building up on commonly used surfaces.

The cloths can be used repeatedly, rinsed out, and hung dry between uses, or machine washed.

2 Collapsible Deep Cleaning Mop

collapsible mop with reusable pad and swiveling head in use on a wood floor.

My favorite cleaning weapon in my arsenal out of the products in our E Cloth reviews is this adjustable-height handle with dry and wet cleaning attachment options. I use it on all hard flooring; laminate, wood, tile, vinyl and stone. It’s excellent for those hard-to-reach spots like under furniture, between cabinets, or overhead fans and light fixtures. It’s designed to be a quick and easy solution for even the dustiest surfaces with a telescopic, light-weight aluminum handle that extends up to five feet. And the easy-swivel head makes it highly maneuverable.

This reusable product eliminates my need for disposable mop and dusting head clothes, therefore saving us money and reducing the waste I create while cleaning. The deep-cleaning mop head cleans using just water and removes grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria. It can be refreshed by rinsing after use or tossed in the washing machine for a guaranteed 100 washes or one year of reuse. I can switch from wet cleaning to dry dusting easily with quick hook-and-loop fasteners. The dry dusting head construction is great for managing pet hair or grabbing and holding onto tiny dust particles. The E-Cloth Collapsible Deep Cleaning Mop is a healthier and much more convenient way to clean floors and hard-to-reach surfaces.

3 High Performance Dusting Glove

Reducing allergens and dust mites helps us all breathe a little better. In order to eliminate the use of aerosol dusting spray and single use surface wipes, I started using the E-Cloth High Performance Dusting Glove around the house. It’s perfect for tiny or hard-to-reach places. The long, soft fibers attract dust and allergens without the use of chemical cleaners. Simply slip the glove on to use dry on shelves, ornaments, window blinds, lamps, light bulbs, trinkets, trim, and frames. If you are blessed with height — like I am — it’s handy for ceiling fans. If not, grab a step stool and slide your gloved hand down each blade of the fan. This item can be rinsed to reuse or tossed in the washing machine.

4 Window Cleaning 2-pack

two cloths folded and stacked atop one another, the top one labeled

I have a never-ending battle to keep dog nose prints off the window glass in my home. With their eager little faces, slobbering and pressed again the glass while we are away, I have my work cut out for me to keep the crud from building up. Before making the switch to the E-Cloth Window Cleaning 2-pack, I thought it was impossible to get a crystal clean shine without the use of harsh window cleaners. Now, I wet the waffle weave window cloth with warm water and wipe the glass thoroughly clean, no chemicals needed. Using just water does the trick and removes 99% of bacteria without the harmful residue. Then, I follow it up with the dry Glass & Polishing Cloth for a clear finish. This product eliminates the need for paper towels and window cleaning product bottles. You can use it on frames, sills, and all types of windows for a streak- and lint-free finish. To refresh the clothes, give them a rinse or toss them in the laundry for reuse with a 3-year, 300-wash guarantee. That’s a huge savings, both economically and financially. Win, win!

5 Kitchen Dynamo Cloth

green scrubbing cloth and pack.

This fantastic scrubber is the perfect replacement for many sponges. Its sturdy construction will outlast your average sponge and it cleans with only the power of water. No need for additional cleaners, not even dish soap. Dampen the Kitchen Dynamo Cloth and use it to soak up spills, trap grease, clean sink scum, and remove microwave messes. It can even be used to wipe down small appliances, stainless steel, and cast iron. The extra-long absorbent microfibers will get into places a sponge misses. This product does the job to remove stuck-on food by grabbing moisture without leaving chemical residue or scratching surfaces. It’ll help reduce kitchen cleaning waste by eliminating the need for single use cleaning wipes and paper towels. With 100-wash guarantee, you can clean the scrubber with your other E-Cloth cleaning products and reuse it, week after week. Making the swap for this habit will save money and keep your kitchen cleaning routine free from harmful toxins.

The full eco-friendly E-Cloth product line is available through the Mother Earth News Store. Change the way you clean to make a big impact on your family’s health and the environment over time. Start swapping today!

Where to Get the Best Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Mother-Tested items are available at the Mother Earth News Store or by calling 800-234-3368. Mention promo code MMEPAMZ5.

  1. Home Cleaning 8-Pack, Item #10659.
  2. Collapsible Deep Cleaning Mop, Item #10666.
  3. High Performance Dusting Glove, Item #10665.
  4. Kitchen Dynamo Cloth, Item #11643.
  5. Window Cleaning 2-Pack, Item #10663.

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