Honda Introduces Fuel Cell Car Dealerships

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Photo Courtesy Honda
A limited number of the FCX Clarity vehicle (a zero emission sedan) will be released to Southern Californians during the summer of 2008.

Despite the many obstacles to sustainable transportation, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., has announced the establishment of three Southern California dealerships that will house the world’s first fuel cell car dealership network in the U.S. This establishment moves the world closer to mainstream fuel cell transportation and a more sustainable future.

Honda’s FCX Clarity, the company’s hydrogen and fuel cell-powered vehicle that emits only water, is en route to California. Three times more fuel efficient than a modern gasoline-powered car, this vehicle may help reduce dependency on oil.

Among the first FCX Clarity customers, whose leases begin in July, are film producer Ron Yerxa, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, filmmaker Christopher Guest, actress Laura Harris and business owner Jim Salomon. Honda’s three new dealerships, located in Costa Mesa, Santa Monica and Torrance, are close to hydrogen refueling stations.

Unless consumers live in one of these three areas, the problem of impracticality remains. However, American Honda is working with its dealers to implement processes for fuel cell vehicle lease, delivery and service support for the duration of their lease. The company has made plans to lease about 200 FCX Clarity vehicles within its first three years of production.

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