EPA Offers Resource Cleanliness Tool

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This chart compares the average emissions rates (lbs/MWh) in one of New York City's zip code's (10027) to the national average emissions rates (lbs/MWh) for nitgrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide.
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This chart compares one of New York City's zip code's (10027) fuel mix percentage of sources used to generate electricity in the region to the fuel mix percentage for the entire United States.
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Photo courtsey www.epa.gov

Ever wonder how clean a town’s or city’s resources really are? The EPA now offers a tool to learn about how clean an area’s facilities are, how clean the area’s electricity is, and information about the area’s UV index forecast, watershed, air pollution emissions and clean-up sites.

The EPA’s facility search tool detects an area’s hazardous waste sites, toxic waste released in the area, facilities subject to environmental regulations, facility inspections and any enforcements actions that have occurred.

With the energy search function, an electricity company’s fuel mix percentage can be searched (non-hydro renewable, hydro, nuclear, oil, gas and coal) and compared to the national average. Each energy source has its own effects on the environment. The site also calculates the area’s emissions rate (in nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide) compared to the national average.

Learn about other potentially harmful environmental hazards and the public’s right to know about how healthy their environment really is.

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