It Keeps Going and Going: Energizer Rechargeable Solar Charger

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Solar charging eliminates the need for an outlet.
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The chargers double as LED flashlights.

Americans dispose of millions of household batteries each year. Eliminating your own landfill contribution is now easier thanks to new technology that recharges batteries, cell phones and more with power from the sun.

The Energizer Rechargeable Solar Charger charges batteries–and any USB-compatible device–using solar power (or a traditional wall outlet). The versatile chargers even do double-duty as LED flashlights when not charging batteries or devices.

The charger can accommodate two AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries; it can also charge cell phones, GPS units and MP3 players with a USB port. A compact, weather-resistant design makes the charger useful indoors or out, and a Smart Charging option ensures batteries don’t overcharge. The charger fully charges two AA batteries in about 20 hours using solar power and about seven hours using AC power. AAA batteries take about half that time.

Rechargeable batteries can be powered up hundreds of times. According to the folks at Energizer, the charger will outlive batteries, making the $50 retail price attractive on a cost-per-use basis. It will be available this summer at retailers nationwide.

When it’s really time to chuck old batteries, check Earth 911 to find out where you can recycle them.

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