A Roundup of 24 Eco-Friendly Patio-Decor Ideas

Reader Contribution by Sommer Poquette

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It’s a balmy -13 degrees Fahrenheit where I am in Michigan right now, and I’m dreaming of sitting outside on my patio in warm weather with lots of sunshine. (I’m certainly dreaming, because my patio is covered in snow and ice).

To get me through the cold and very long winter months, I like to make plans for spring and begin thinking of ideas for my garden, my yard and how I will decorate and make my patio into the perfect outdoor living space. I spend so much time during the winter cooped up that when spring finally hits, I like to be outside as much as possible, soaking up the sunshine.

My first priority this spring is to decorate my patio and make it even homier. I like to sit outside and read or have a glass of wine at night, watch my children play in the yard and even work from outside and enjoy the fresh air. I have so many items in my garage, attic or basement that could be upcycled and used to decorate, which will save me money but also give me the charming look I’m going for.

For example, I have an old wheelbarrow that I could use to plant flowers in, or maybe my daughter could use it for a fairy garden. She could play and I could sip my wine and enjoy watching her use her imagination. That sounds blissful to me! I have several old or broken birdfeeders that just need some TLC. I could easily give these a new coat of paint and spruce them up, versus buying new ones. And there’s always pallets — we have a few of those at my husband’s work that I could use for creating outdoor furniture, tables, planters and a dozen other projects from.

When it comes to patio décor, the sky’s the limit. There are several unique ways to reuse old items from around the house, or something that you find at a flea market or garage sale. If you’re looking for eco-friendly patio décor, here are some of my favorite ideas that I’m looking to utilize for my own patio this year. If only the snow would melt and the warm weather would come my way!

1. Coffee Can Lanterns from Design Sponge
2. Rhubarb Leaf Stepping Stone from Garden Web
3. Terracotta Pot Table from Dukes & Duchesses
4. Use an Old Rake to Hang Garden Tools
5. Upcycled Tire Planters from Mr. Kate
6. Rain Boot Planters from Rosy Posy
7. Colander Planters from Bonnie Plants
8. Envirotile from Home Depot
9. Recycled Bottle Bird Feeder from Centsational Girl
10. Cast iron bathtub to Chic Outdoor Sofa from One Kreiger Chick
11. DIY Pallet Table from Far Out Flora
12. Stools from Planters from Adventures in Creating
13. Repurposed Crate Storage Table from Simplicity in the South
14. Upcylced Wheelbarrow Fire Pit from Miss Effie’s Diary
15. Upcylced Tea Cup Bird Feeders from Jerzi Mom
16. DIY Outdoor Chandelier from Oh So Lovely
17. Paint Can Planters from HGTV
18. Trex Outdoor Patio Swing from The Home Depot
19. Repurposed Fire Pit from Top This Top That
20. Stacked Stone Bird Baths from Home Talk
21. Mosaic Tile Bird Bath Using Recycled DVDs from Me and My DIY
22. Seashell Wind Chime from Thrifty Fun
23. Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern from In My Own Style

What ideas do you have for upcycling old items for your outdoor space?

Sommer Poquette is a green-and-clean mom blogger who writes about her outdoor design ideas for The Home Depot. Sommer’s enthusiasm for being outdoors inspires her DIY patio ideas. ForHome Depot’s wide selection of patio furniture that might be of interest for your home, you can visit the company’s website.

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