Do-It-Yourself Wrapping Paper Craft

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This do-it-yourself wrapping paper craft is a perfect project for the holiday season.
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Concentric paper circles and a bead knotted with raffia act as both bow and tag.
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Diagram: Recycled wrapping paper.
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Paper bag wraps the gift. Aluminum foil encircles it. Yarn and raffia bind it. The tag is secured with a pom-pom.
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Scraps of tissue paper mix with a strip from a fleur-de-lis-printed bag. The pom-pom is trimmed with beads.

Try making this green-themed do-it-yourself wrapping paper craft for the holiday season.

Do-It-Yourself Wrapping Paper Craft

Just say no to tree-hungry, chlorine-bleached, ink-saturated wrapping papers. With a few simple tricks, gift giving can be creative and fun without the waste. A spare bead, a twist of raffia, or a quick two-fingered pom-pom made from a scrap of brightly colored yarn can give lowly newsprint or an old paper bag all the holiday sparkle it needs.

Tips to Make Homemade Wrapping Paper

• Last year’s wrapping paper or clippings from magazines add color to drab newspaper.

• Pom-poms are simple: Wrap yarn a few dozen times around two upheld fingers, tie in the center, and cut through the loops.

• Colored paper circles or stars cut with pinking shears work as tags or can be laced through yarn for unique ribbon.

• Beads can be strung on the end of raffia or yarn, act as baubles on the ends of pom-poms, or secure a tag in place. They add elegance to even the simplest package. You can buy them or recycle beads from old costume jewelry.

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