Building SIPsmart: The Shell Is Complete!

Reader Contribution by Michael Morley
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Michael Morley is posting regular updates about his progress building a unique green home with structural insulated panels (SIPs). This is an update from April 12, 2010. You can find previous posts here.

Today (Monday), we had Polk Crane services send over a boom truck to help lift the SIP roof panels into position. We prepped the panels by pre-installing the sub-facia and the box splines and rigged the lifting points with plates and adjustable straps.

We always put a rope on a corner as a tag line to prevent the panel from “sailing” and to control its swing. Three of us set the panels in about one hour and then stapled the box splines, installed 12″ panel screws at 12″ on center and connected the short pieces of 2-by-10 to make the sub-facia solid.

The shell is essentially complete, and we will move inside to complete the floor system and frame the second floor walls. Once the interior framing is completed, we will move back outside to install windows and doors and exterior finish.

We have received many positive comments from neighbors and passersby, with an occasional negative comment. Some people are really afraid of change of any kind. The accompanying photo shows the framed in structural/thermal shell of the building.

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