Homesteading Tools Sensational: A Book Review of Kevin Kelly’s ‘Cool Tools’

Reader Contribution by Lloyd Kahn
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It’s big! Like the Whole Earth Catalog and Shelter (11 iches by 14 inches). That’s just one of the brilliant things about this book, an analog, if you will, version of Kevin Kelly’s 10-year-old Cool Tools website/blog. Cool. Tools.

What’s great about the website is getting weekly WEC-type perceptive reviews; it’s embarrassing how many

things I got from reading Cool Tools. A wrench, a light, a bunch of books, foldable reading glasses — it’s pretty much my favorite place to visit online.

But  having it all together (472 pages!) in color, big like this — I’m happy as a pig in mud thumbing through it, opening to random pages, skipping back and forth, savoring the bookness of it. This kicks the ass of any possible electronic versions. Put down the iPads, Kindles, and smart phones, folks, and get a Real Book!

It’s got a ton of useful, inspiring, wonderful tools; the reviews are hip, tight, and informed.

Disclaimer: a) Kevin is a friend, b) I’ve talked to him about this project on and off for years, and c) I wrote a bunch of reviews that ended up in the book. I need to digest it a bit before writing a review, but just wanted to tell you to get it. Trust me. It’s a major cultural accomplishment.

Note: The 1st printing is sold out (in advance orders by booksellers). I’m guessing it’ll hit bookstores around Thanksgiving.

Photo by Kevin Kelly

Lloyd Kahn is a DIY green building expert and founder of Shelter Publications.