Ben & Jerry’s Commits to Fair Trade-Certified Ingredients by 2013

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Ben & Jerry's is dipping into fair trade ice cream.
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Soon you'll be able to enjoy a scoop of fair trade ice cream, courtesy of Ben & Jerry's.

One of America’s sweetest treats is about to get better. Last month, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company announced that by 2013 it plans to buy all possible ingredients from fair trade sources.

Ben & Jerry’s first foray into fair trade was back in 2005 when the company began using fair trade coffee, chocolate and vanilla for its ice creams. When fair trade enthusiasts voiced their concerns about the company’s continued use of conventional sugar in its “fair trade” products, Ben & Jerry’s listened–and responded.

Now Ben & Jerry’s has announced that it plans to use as many fair trade-certified ingredients for its ice creams as possible. A total of 11 ingredients, from nuts and bananas to cocoa and vanilla, will be used in 121 combinations to create the unique Ben & Jerry’s flavors.

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