Transformation Tuesday: An Inexpensive Bedroom Upgrade

Reader Contribution by Jessica Kellner

When we did an article on a bedroom makeover for around $1,000 last issue, we recommended a fresh coat of paint as a go-to item because it’s a quick way to completely change the look of a room. When choosing colors for our bedrooms, it’s important to select hues that help us get the rest we need — soothing chioces that relax and comfort us. Our staff isn’t made up of color experts, so instead of guessing which colors were best for a serene bedroom, we decided to ask the color experts at top eco-friendly paint company (and one of Natural Home & Garden’s long-time supporters) AFM Safecoat for recommendations for a serene bedroom. They sparked our interest with their new paint line based on Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicinal system. In Ayurveda, everyone falls somewhere along a spectrum among three personality types, or doshas, which require different inputs–such as food and environment–to achieve balance. AFM’s Ayurveda Essence line features 36 colors designed to balance each dosha, offering a fun way to pick colors suited to your personality. To find out which dosha you are, take the abbreviated quiz below, or click here to take a more complete dosha quiz. Then check out the gorgeous palette options below, or visit the AFM Ayurveda Essence website to see the complete line!

What’s My Dosha? (Take a more in-depth dosha quiz here.)
A) Thin and slender with prominent joints
B) Medium, symmetrical, muscular build
C) Large, round or stocky build

A) Dry, brittle or frizzy
B) Fine with a tendency to thinning or graying
C) Abundant, thick and oily

Sleep Pattern:
A) Light sleeper who awakens easily
B) Moderately sound sleeper
C) Long, deep sleeper who awakens slowly

A) Lively and enthusiastic; likes to change
B) Purposeful and intense; likes to convince
C) Relaxed and accepting; likes to support

If you answered mostly As, you are an airy Vata; mostly Bs, fiery Pitta; mostly Cs, earthy Kapha. Learn more about your dosha here!

AFM Safecoat recommended these three soothing color palettes suited to each dosha:

Top to bottom:
VATA: Vata people need to feel grounded so their colors should be earthy and soothing. From left: Stream, Nature, Time; see the full Vata line here
PITTA: Pitta people are intense and driven, so they need colors that are calming and balancing, but lively. From left: Vado, Poetry, Still; see the full Pitta line here
KAPHA: Kapha people want soft, harmonious colors, but they need to have energy to avoid feeling sluggish. From left: Warmth, Culture, Asana; see the full Kapha line here

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