Arboreal Abode: Puerto Rican Man Builds a Sustainable Tree House

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Photo By Jo Scheer
“I’ve always loved climbing a tree and reading a book or watching the world beneath me,” says Linda Davies of Veneta, Oregon, for whom Scheer built a tree-top reverie. “The hooch is the perfect ‘sneak-away’ retreat—a place where I let my imagination run away.”

When you’re a kid, no place is more magical than a tree house. Sadly, most of us grow out of the lofty, leafy hideouts, but that wasn’t the case with Jo Scheer. Five years ago, he felt something was missing from his Puerto Rico island home: a tree house. His property offered no appropriate trees, so the undaunted Scheer–an artist and a carpenter–created a bamboo structure he dubbed “the hooch.”

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