An Energy Efficient Home in Colorado

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Suter Dubose refers to his 5,300-square-foot house just outside Lyons, Colorado, as an experiment. He and his companion, Rose Sposito, wanted to build an elegant, comfortable and affordable family home that used very little fossil fuel. “If we don’t so something to curtail the rate of consumption of natural resources, we’re in big trouble.” Says Suter, a mortgage company regional manager, coffeehouse owner, and devout Buddhist. “We realize that building just one energy efficient home from recycled and environmentally friendly materials won’t have much impact on reversing this trend in and of itself. But we wanted to illustrate that it can be done for a reasonable amount of money. We hope that it will lead middle- and up-scale builders to begin producing homes that are more energy efficient and make use of sustainable resources like solar energy.”

The couple consulted a respected Tibetan feng shui master about the home’s floor plan and enlisted Eva Wong, a local feng shui practitioner, to put on the final touches. Construction costs, including architecture, materials, labor, dowsing, feng shui, solar panels, engineering, and more, came in at about $110 pre square foot, a bargain for a custom home with its own plant for water treatment, heat, and electric.

Check out the July/August 2000 issue of Natural Home for more about the couple’s dream home, including:

· Pumice-Crete construction
· Dowsing
· Off the grid details