Green Your Super Bowl Party

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The Astro-Turf isn’t the only thing that’s green on Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl XLI in Miami is a carbon-neutral event. The NFL will plant 31/2 acres of trees in the greater Miami area to offset the 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide generated. Super Bowl organizers also recycle and donate leftover food, decorating materials, supplies and sports equipment to local nonprofits.

Want to add some environmental points of your own to the scoreboard? Tackle the waste issue at your own Super Bowl party.

• If you’re in the market for a new television, buy one that’s Energy Star qualified, which will use 30 percent less electricity than standard units.

• Feed your pals organic snacks and beer. Drink Wild Hop LagerWolavers Organic Beer or Butte Creek Organic Beer.

• Serve food on reusable dishes. If you must use disposables, try biodegradable utensils made from potato starch or cornstarch and plates made from tree-free, unbleached, biodegradable sugarcane fiber (called bagasse). Order from the Biodegradable Store.

The Beer Facts

Approximately 10.5 million barrels of beer are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, versus just 0.6 million barrels on an average day. Organic beer is brewed without the use of chemical herbicides or pesticides, so if 10 percent of the beer imbibed during the Big Game were organic, we’d stop the use of 130,200 pounds of pesticides.

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