The A.C. Lectric Tractor: A New Line of Electric Garden Tractors

Reader Contribution by Michael Maxwell And Alan Lionudakis
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Attach a trailer to the A.C. Lectric Tractor to make hauling yard and garden debris easier.

It takes the falling of a giant pine to give sunlight, rain, and space for growth of new, young trees. Such is the story of A.C.Lectric Tractors. Building on the legacy of the GE Elec-Trac garden tractors, Alan Lionudakis has created a modern electronic marvel. Imagine a yard tractor with zero pollution, plenty of power and a long battery life. Then, imagine it all coming from Missouri, the heart of the country.

In 1968, General Electric released a battery-powered electric garden tractor, the Elec-Trac.  It was a big hit for small farms and homeowners alike. With a variety of tools and attachments, there wasn’t much it couldn’t do. Times were different though; carbon-based fuels were cheap and awareness of emission’s damage to the planet wasn’t widely recognized. The Green Revolution was a ways off, after all MOTHER EARTH NEWS wouldn’t publish its first issue for another two years.  The Elec-Trac was just too ahead of its time, and it disappeared from the market. Another viable option wouldn’t be available for nearly 40 years.

You can use the electric tractor as a clean energy source for powering electric chainsaws, weed eaters and more.

The trailer hitch allows attachments to be connected to the tractor. 

Fate’s a funny thing; a chance meeting, a piece of old machinery capturing your imagination and magical things can happen. Alan Lionudakis, a California transplant to Missouri, fell in love with the Elec-Trac and helped repair and restore several of the vintage GE electric tractors.  A bad knee surgery forced a career change. His days as an electrician came to an end. With a thirty-five year background in electronics, manufacturing, mechanics, and an unquenchable curiosity and creative spirit, Alan set about to create a modern heavy-duty, high-quality version of the Elec-Trac.  Already possessing a desire to create an eco-friendly product, he spent countless hours researching ways to upgrade and modernize the Elec-Trac. Lionudakis started A.C. Lectric Tractor, and founded the only company in America producing a high-quality, all-electric yard and farm tractor.

For the needs of a large yard or those trying to sustain an environmentally friendly family farm, the A.C. Lectric Tractor is the answer. Curbing pollution and eliminating high-priced gas, the A.C. Lectric Tractor requires no oil changes, no warm-up time, and is just a little noisier than your bicycle. Driven by an 18-horse-power, fan-cooled drive motor, these tractors are little work horses. A brilliant addition to the electric tractor is the on-board, three-bank smart charger that helps prolong battery life. There is even an option for solar charging the battery! For about a dime’s worth of household electricity, just plug it in and be fully charged in about eight to ten hours. The heavy duty, six 6-volt deep cycle marine-type batteries allow for longer work time. An on-board 2,000-pound winch provides power for lifting attachments, or pulling yourself out of the mud. Weighing just over 900 pounds, including the heavy-duty batteries, the A.C. Lectric is rugged and quick, and will mow up to three acres of normal grass on a single charge. The heavy-duty, marine-style batteries have a ten year life expectancy when properly maintained.

The height of this plow is adjustable, and the blade works well for removing snow and grading dirt.

We are living in a world where awareness of the environment is a growing consideration for purchases large and small. The rise of independent companies creating environmentally friendly products with a focus on renewable energy sources is a sure sign the giants of waste and pollution, are they’re no longer the only option. A.C. Lectric Tractors are one of the new companies with new ideas and new products. For more information about their full line of products, visit the A.C. Lectric Website.

There is a pull-behind cultivator tool for the A.C. Lectric Tractor.

All photos by Alan and Hope Lionudakis