Embedded Herbs Candle Recipe

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This Embedded Herbs Candle recipe is made by holding the wick in one hand and a corn cob holder inserted in the candle in the other, gently skim the outer edge of the candle over hot wax, rolling as you go.

This Embedded Herbs Candle recipe is an easy craft project you can make at home.

Embedded Herbs Candle Recipe

• Light-colored taper candle
• Candle mold (1 to 2 inches wider than base candle above)
• Whole spices, dried herbs or flowers
• Essential oil, optional
• Translucent or light-colored wax
• Melting pot, such as a double boiler

1. Lightly coat the inside of the mold with vegetable oil. Set
taper candle upside down in the center of the mold.

2. Trim the bottom of the candle so it’s lower than the top of the mold. Tuck the wick through the wick hole in the bottom of the mold and plug with mold sealer.

3. Put enough whole spices, dried herbs or flowers around the
taper to fill about half of the open space in the mold.

4. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for melting wax. If you want to add scent to the wax, do so just before pouring it.

5. Pour wax over the herbs, flowers, or spices and mix gently with a skewer. Add more botanicals and wax before it begins to cool and set, trying to keep
the taper candle centered.

6. Place mold in a cool-water bath and top off the wax to even out the bottom of the candle.

When burning this type of candle, keep the wick trimmed and make
sure the base taper candle is burning down the center and not the
outer layer you’ve created. Once the center has burned down a bit,
you can place a tea light in the cavity and replace it as needed to
keep from disrupting or burning the exterior spices and surrounding

Dawna Edwards, a former Herb Companion editor, is a freelance
writer who spends her time writing about and enjoying the scent,
flavor and beauty of herbs.

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