Dirty Deeds: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Reader Contribution by Mother Earth Living Staff
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Made from natural fiber sourced from sustainably grown trees, these biodegradable, durable, machine-washable dish scrubs make an ideal replacement for plastic scrub brushes.
To Buy: $5 for three, Mother Earth Living store

Brush Up

This renewable bamboo Suds Up dish brush with 100 percent recycled, plant-based bristles helps you use less soap with its suds-loving design, and stores neatly in its ceramic dish.
To Buy:$13, The Honest Co.

Team Coco

This unique, coconut-fiber Safix Scrub Pad is tough enough to remove stubborn deposits and resist rusting or shredding, yet it won’t scratch your dishes.
To Buy:$4, Biome

If the Glove Fits

If You Care biodegradable rubber gloves are made from Forest Stewardship Council latex and are 100 percent recyclable (including the packaging).
To Buy: $18 for four pairs; Sustainable Supply

Mighty Mop

The 2-in-1 Full Circle Mighty Mop is a combination wet mop and dry duster made of sustainable bamboo, recycled plastic and washable, reusable microfiber cloth covers.
To Buy: $25, Amazon

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